per year
  • Unlimited SIP Accounts, SIP Providers & Dial Plans
  • Web Switchboard
  • 3 Simultaneous Dial Plan Executions
  • Community Forums Support
per year
  • Unlimited SIP Accounts, SIP Providers & Dial Plans
  • Web Switchboard
  • 5 Simultaneous Dial Plan Executions
  • Real-time Call Control & Billing
  • Business Hours Email Support
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From Kieran O'Loughlin, a longtime SIPSorcery user.

SIPSorcery has allowed me to maintain 5 different incoming phone numbers from 3 different countries and to direct all those incoming calls to a single home phone. It has also allowed me to choose which outgoing SIP provider to use, based on call destination, pricing etc.

From Mike Telis, a longtime SIPSorcery user and author of one of the most popular SIPSorcery dial plans.

I have been using SIPSorcery for several years now. I started around 2008 when it was MySIPSwitch and did not support Ruby dial plans. What attracted me at first was the fact that MySIPSwitch did not bridge the media and therefore did not introduce any delays or distortions into the quality of the calls.

The introduction of Ruby dial plans made SIPSorcery much better. Of course the extra power came at a price, I had to learn Ruby but that turned out to be more of a joy than a burden. I highly value and recommend SIPSorcery to my friends (although I confess some of them got me to write their dial plans for them).

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