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If you are an ex-Voxalot user looking for a replacement service then SIPSorcery is exacly what you are looking for.

Comparison between Voxalot and SIPSorcery

Voxalot and SIPSorcery are similar in that they are both SIP aggregator type services that allow users to use multiple SIP providers with a single SIP device. However there are differences between he two services as summarised in the table below.

Voxalot SIPSorcery
SIP accounts for connecting your devices One Unlimited
Call and register with 3rd party SIP providers 5 with VoxPro, 10 with VoxExtreme Unlimited
Intelligent dial plans Speed Dial, Call Connection and Smart Call Infinitely flexible with Ruby dial plans or incredibly simple with SimpleWizard.
Real-time call diagnostics No Yes
Provisioning web service No Yes
Call Detail Records Yes (beta) Yes
SIP code dialling with SIPBroker Yes Yes
ENUM Yes Yes
Web Callback Yes Yes
Normally stays in the call path* Yes No
Voicemail Yes No
Conference Rooms Yes No

* The most significant between SIPSorcery and Voxalot is that Voxalot will normally stay in a call's audio path whereas SIPSorcery never does. From SIPSorcery's perspective this is by design since proxying call media introduces extra latency and can introduce other call quality problems. It also means that SIPSorcery does not offer the voicemail or conference room services of Voxalot does but in those cases there are a number of free services that can be easily combined with SIPSorcery, see the CallCentric voicemail with SIPSorcery recipe as one example.

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Community & Testimonials

Our service has grown based almost entirely on feedback and contributions from users. Our forums are very active and there are numerous user contributed dial plans and tools.

Don't just take our word for it read what existing users have to say about the service. You can read more testimonials here.

From Mike Telis, a longtime SIPSorcery user and author of one of the most popular SIPSorcery dial plans.

I have been using SIPSorcery for several years now. I started around 2008 when it was MySIPSwitch and did not support Ruby dial plans. What attracted me at first was the fact that MySIPSwitch did not bridge the media and therefore did not introduce any delays or distortions into the quality of the calls.

The introduction of Ruby dial plans made SIPSorcery much better. Of course the extra power came at a price, I had to learn Ruby but that turned out to be more of a joy than a burden. I highly value and recommend SIPSorcery to my friends (although I confess some of them got me to write their dial plans for them).

From Sashidhar Guduri, a longtime SIPSorcery user.

I have been using SIPSorcery since it was MySIPSwitch. I was looking for a solution which allowed me to register multiple SIP accounts with a real telephone hooked up to it. I found MySIPSwitch and never looked back.

SIPSorcey has helped me save money especially cutting down on costs to make international calls practically to zero. I set up SIPSorcery extensions in India for my parents and inlaws, whipped up a dialplan and calling them is just like a PBX call; no cost.