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Call Billing


A billing system that incorporates real-time call control (RTCC), customer account codes and configurable rates is available on the Professional service level.

The main features of the billing system are:

  • Real Time Call Control (RTCC): For billable calls credit is allocated in advance in 60 second chunks. When an account has insufficient credit and the next 60 second chunk cannot be reserved the call will be terminated. This approach means there is no risk of an account ever exceeding their available credit even with multiple simultaneous calls.
  • Multiple Customer Accounts: Customer accounts with unique account codes can be created. The account code can be assigned to a SIP account or it can be specified in the dial plan as a dial string option. Accounts can also be assigned to different rate plans so that different customers can be assigned a different rate for each call destination.
  • Rate Matching by Prefix: Rates can be entered into the billing system. Rate matching is applied by finding the longest matching call prefix. The increment for a rate can be set, for example 1 second or 60 seconds, and a call set up cost can also be assigned.
  • Multiple Rate Plans: Multiple different rate plans can be created so that different customers can be billed according to your requirements.

Quick Start

  1. Set up your rates using the prefixes of the destinations you want to bill for by logging into the portal and going to the Customer Accounts->Rates page,
  2. Create separate Customer Accounts for each of you own customers you want to bill calls for and set the credit. This can be done by logging into the portal and selecting the Customer Accounts page,
  3. To place a billable call you need to set the "ac" dial string option, for example sys.Dial("1234@someprovider[ac=JSDJFSDK34534]"). It's also possible to set the account code directly on a SIP Account using the provisioning web service and doing so avoids the need to set the account code in the dial string.