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Recipe: Callcentric Voicemail

This recipe describes setting up a CallCentric voicemail account to work with SIPSorcery. Since SIPSorcery does not support any kind of media services anyone needing voicemail will need to find an external service. This recipe uses a free CallCentric voicemail account to demonstrate setting up voicemail with SIPSorcery however it should be possible to use a similar voicemail services provided by another provider to do the same thing.

The steps to set up your CallCentric voicemail account to work with SIPSorcery are listed below.

  1. If you don't already have a CallCentric voicemail account create one here.
  2. Set up your voicemail options by going to Preferences->Voicemail. The screen displayed should be similar to the one below. Amongst other things you can configure your preferences to send an email when a voicemail is received; an essential feature of a modern voicemail system.

    CallCentric voicemail preferences

  3. The next step is to set up how calls to your CallCentric number are handled. This recipe assumes you are only using your CallCentric account for voicemail and therefore you don't need to receive calls on the number that aren't forwarded directly to voicemail. Go to the Call Treatments screen and click "Add a new Call Treatment". The screen displayed should be similar to the one below although if you are adding a new record the screen will say "Add Record" instead of "Edit Record". To set up your number to always forward calls to voicemail configure a single call handling rule with the options as shown in the screen shot below.

    CallCentric call treatment for voicemail

  4. The final step is to configure your SIPSorcery incoming dial plan to use the CallCentric voicemail account. The simplest incoming dial plan that does not do any filtering on the called number will be something like the one below; be sure to replace YOUR_SIPSORCERY_SIPACCOUNT with the username of one of your own SIPSorcery SIP accounts. A slightly more sophisticated dial plan that only forwards incoming calls that have been placed to a certain provider to voicemail is shown below. In this example "provider.username" is used as the register contact on the SIPSorcery SIP provider record that it is desired to have incoming calls go to voicemail for.