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Trouble-Shooting Console

The purpose of the Console is to provide informational messages about events regarding your SIP Sorcery account. In particular the sys.Log messages from your dial plan executions will be displayed allowing troubleshooting if things are not working as expected.

The SIP Sorcery Console is available in the Silverlight client or by connecting using an SSH client to The information displayed is the same for both. The SSH client will be slightly quicker than the Silverlight client as the SSH connections are synchronous whereas the Silverlight client retrieves the console messages by polling the SIP Sorcery server every second.

Silverlight Console

The screenshot below shows the Silverlight Console tab.

Silverlight Console Tab

To start logging messages in the Console click Connect. Once the required log messages have been connected click Close. The messages displayed in the Console can be copied (ctrl-a then ctrl-c) and pasted (ctrl-v) to the SIP Sorcery Forums if some assistance is required.

The screenshot below shows the Silverlight Console tab logging messages.

Silverlight Console Logging

SSH Console

When using the SIP Sorcery ssh server the only authentication method supported is keyboard-interactive. Attempting to authenticate with a public key will cause the connection to be rejected. Some clients attempt to authenticate with a public key by default if one is present in the user's home directory. A handy command line option to force the openssh client to not use a public key is:

ssh -o PubkeyAuthentication=no

Console Filters

When using the console a filter command can be entered to determine the type of messages that will be displayed. By default all messages are displayed and this can sometimes be overwhelming if an acocunt has a lot of SIP Providers registering or a lot of SIP Accounts using NAT keep-alives. Some common filter commands are listed below:

Notifications REST Service

The SIPSorcery notifications service is exposed as a REST service at To use the notifications service you will need to obtain your SIPSorcery API key from your Settings Page. After that Using the service is a three step process:

  1. Set a subscription for notification events by specifying the desired filter,
  2. Periodically poll the service to get any matching notification events,
  3. When the script is ready to finish close the notifications subscription so the server does not need to record any more events for it.

The Ruby script below is an example of how to consume the notifications REST service.