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Real Time Call Control - Rates

The web service URL for all Real Time Call Control methods is

The service methods available for the Real Time Call Control Rate records are listed below. In all cases the "where" parameter is an optional filter. It can be used to filter the results of a Get or Count query.

  • Count: GET rate/count?where={where},
  • Get: GET rate/get?where={where}&offset={offset}&count={count}
  • Add: POST rate/add where the request body is a JSON formatted Rate
  • Update: POST rate/update where the request body is a JSON formatted Rate
  • Delete: GET rate/delete?id={id}

The typical JSON format for a Rate is shown below. When updating a Rate all the properties must be specified and any properties that are ommitted will be set to their default value which will be null in most cases.

The Ruby script below illustrates how to use each of the service methods for Rate records.