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Recipe: Skype calls with ippi

This recipe describes an approach that can be used to place calls to and from the Skype network via a SIP service from a French VoIP provider called ippi and and SIPSorcery. Please note SIPSorcery is not in any way affiliated with Skype or ippi and the approach described here has not been sanctioned by either. It has also not been rejected by either party and in fact in ippi's case their technical support were very helpful during testing.

The steps to set up Skype calling with ippi are listed below.

  1. You will need a ippi account. If you don't already have one you can signup for a free account here. There doesn't appear to be a lot of information on the ippi site about the configuration required for Skype calling and this news article is all that we have come across,
  2. After setting up an ippi account you will need to set up TWO SIP provider records on your SIPSorcery account, one for calls to Skype and one for calls from Skype. The settings for the provider entry for outgoing calls are:
    • Provider Type: SIP
    • Provider Name: ippiskype (can be whatever you want)
    • Username: Your ippi username
    • Password: Your ippi password
    • Server:
    • From Header: <>
    • Custom Headers: Route: <;lr>
    The settings required for the provider entry to be able to receive incoming calls from ippi and also from ippi's Skype gateway are:
    • Provider Type: SIP
    • Provider Name: ippi (can be whatever you want)
    • Username: Your ippi username
    • Password: Your ippi password
    • Server:
    • Register: Yes
    • Register Contact:
  3. Login to your Skype client and add skype2ippi as a contact,
  4. You are now ready to place calls to the Skype network. To place an outgoing call from your SIPSorcery dial plan is just the same as placing a call from any other provider. You need to ensure you use the ippi provider entry set up for outgoing calls which above was named ippiskype.
  5. To place a call from Skype to your SIPSorcery account is a little trickier.
    1. Place a Skype call to skype2ippi,
    2. When the call is answered you need to click on the chat icon in Skype and send your ippi username,
    3. If everything is configured correctly the ippi gateway will then forward the Skype call to your SIPSorcery account and you will be able to answer the call.