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  • Unlimited SIP Accounts, SIP Providers & Dial Plans
  • Web Switchboard
  • 3 Simultaneous Dial Plan Executions
  • Community Forums Support
per year
  • Unlimited SIP Accounts, SIP Providers & Dial Plans
  • Web Switchboard
  • 5 Simultaneous Dial Plan Executions
  • Real-time Call Control & Billing
  • Business Hours Email Support
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From Sashidhar Guduri, a longtime SIPSorcery user.

I have been using SIPSorcery since it was MySIPSwitch. I was looking for a solution which allowed me to register multiple SIP accounts with a real telephone hooked up to it. I found MySIPSwitch and never looked back.

SIPSorcey has helped me save money especially cutting down on costs to make international calls practically to zero. I set up SIPSorcery extensions in India for my parents and inlaws, whipped up a dialplan and calling them is just like a PBX call; no cost.

From Arash Shahsavarani, SIPSorcery user since 2009.

SIPSorcery has been a great tool to facilitate communication between all my family members. Thanks to SIPSorcery, I've basically become the telco for my entire family.

For the price, the flexibility offered by SIPSorcery has been amazing and I don't even have to worry about maintaining a PBX server. Bottom line, loving the freedom that SIPSorcery offers and I look forward to many being a SIPSorcery user for many years to come.

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