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The SIPSorcery Switchboard package offers a combination of some of the best VoIP services available and wraps them up into a super intuitive switchboard interface!

A switchboard that's easy enough for a 3 year old to use - no manual required - and runs in a browser!

The switchboard is the simplest and most responsive call handling software there is. No more struggling to do transfers on an IP Phone. No more lost calls while placing callers on and off hold.

SIP providers and registrations

Switchboard New Call

The video below demonstrates a couple of calls being processed with the SIPSorcery switchboard.

Integration with 37 Signals Highrise to lookup contacts for incoming calls.

Lookup callers in 37 Signals Highrise, one of the best contact management packages available.

SIP providers and registrations

Highrise Contact

All the standard features allowing you to pick and choose VoIP providers for calls.

The Switchboard plan includes all the great features that come with a SIPSorcery Professional account such as unlimited extensions, unlimited SIP providers and unlimited dial plans. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in how to manage your VoIP services.

Community & Testimonials

Our service has grown based almost entirely on feedback and contributions from users. Our forums are very active and there are numerous user contributed dial plans and tools.

Don't just take our word for it read what existing users have to say about the service. You can read more testimonials here.

Massimo Villa - Villaggio Web (service companies) www.villaggioweb.it

SIPSorcery is the best remote PBX out of there. Reliable, simple to use, powerful. Support is brilliant. We will suggest the service to our customers.

From Arash Shahsavarani, SIPSorcery user since 2009.

SIPSorcery has been a great tool to facilitate communication between all my family members. Thanks to SIPSorcery, I've basically become the telco for my entire family.

For the price, the flexibility offered by SIPSorcery has been amazing and I don't even have to worry about maintaining a PBX server. Bottom line, loving the freedom that SIPSorcery offers and I look forward to many being a SIPSorcery user for many years to come.

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